Are you planning a home renovation, spring cleaning, or another project that requires the use of a dumpster rental? If so, you may be wondering which size dumpster best fits your needs. Before choosing a dumpster size, it is important to understand what type of waste will be removed from your property. The most common size dumpster rental for residential use is a 20-yard dumpster. 

How to Determine Your Dumpster Size 

The most commonly rented dumpsters are 10-yard, 20-yard, and 30-yard containers. When determining the size of the rental container needed for your project, consider how much debris will need to be disposed of. A 10-yard container typically holds ten cubic yards of debris and can hold up to 3 tons of material. This container is ideal for smaller projects such as small kitchen remodels or minor landscaping projects. 

A 20-yard container holds 20 cubic yards and can accommodate up to 6 tons of debris. This is the most popular size used by homeowners during renovations or construction projects involving medium-sized rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. It can also handle larger landscaping projects such as tree removal or sod installation. 

A 30-yard container holds 30 cubic yards and can contain up to 9 tons of waste material. This size is often used for large-scale demolition jobs such as pool removals or extensive landscaping work that involves removing large amounts of dirt or stone from a site. It is also suitable for remodeling multiple rooms in a home at once or for clearing out an entire basement full of debris and stored items. 
When selecting the right size dumpster rental for your project, it’s important to consider how much material will be collected during the clean-out process. The most common choice among homeowners is usually the 20-yard container because it offers enough capacity without being too large or expensive. No matter what type of project you are undertaking, there’s sure to be an appropriate-sized dumpster available to meet your needs!